Remote control system for water networks

Remote control system for water networks, such as tanks, pumps or distribution networks. The system allows autonomous and centralized modes of operation based on WAVEJOKER units and other equipment (PLC's, specific measurement equipment, etc.).

It can be integrated into any remote control installation or SCADA system.



Free or licensed band. Long-range
Available in VHF and UHF bands, licensed or free band.

Easy installation and configuration equipment
Easy installation without programming. Configuration through the display of the unit itself. It includes test functions and quality measurements for radio links.

Low consumption
The units have an extremely low consumption, even with the supply of analog sensors and the option of radio repetition activated. Battery life of more than 3 years.

High temperature range
The equipment has a wide working temperature range: -25ºC to +65ºC.

The equipment has a multitude of applications and functions (pumping, deposit, repeater, …). They can be configured in the field, expanding up to the number of signals required.


· Remote control of drinking water networks
· Remote control of purification networks
· Industrial remote control
· Reservoirs
· Autonomous control of pumping to tank
· Remote control
· Integration of canalization to irrigation systems


· VHF and UHF bands up to 950 MHz
· Free or licensed bands
· Up to 22 digital inputs
· Up to 6 analog inputs
· Up to 4 isolated analog outputs
· Pumping function
· Battery-powered transmitter (autonomy > 3 years)
· Optimized size
· Intuitive configuration by software
· Wide temperature range (-30oC to 65oC)
· Integrated native MODBUS