Radio MODEM for telemetry and SCADA systems

T-MOD Series devices are radio-modems that allow remote devices to be connected through any serial protocol with RS-232 / RS-485 port or ModBus TCP-IP protocol with RJ-45 port. They provide robust and reliable links, and are suitable for short and long distances in all kinds of environments. They are optimal for communication between PLCs, RTUs, SCADA's, etc. Each T-MOD can act as a terminal, base station or repeater, facilitating the installation and maintenance of the network. Allows you to configure point-to-point, multipoint and star networks.



Free or licensed band. Long-range
Available in VHF and UHF bands, licensed or free band. Configurable emission power, from 100 mW to 5 W or 25 W (rack). High sensitivity and rejection of parasitic signals.

Easy installation and configuration equipment
Extremely simple configuration and testing, using the supplied T-MOD Suite application. Link quality measurements, channel occupancy, etc. are also integrated, without the need for radio measurement equipment.

High temperature range
T-MODs have a wide operating temperature range and can operate in remote environments completely unattended.

Different formats
Available in a compact format in an injected aluminum casing, suitable for mounting on a DIN rail or in a 19-inch rack format.

Various configurations
An optional controller module is available to configure base, repeater or terminal stations with redundancy and diversity.




· Industrial automations
· Electric generation and distribution
· Water treatment and distribution
· Transportation of hydrocarbons, gas
· Signage
· Environment
· Ports and airports
· Railways and highways
· Agricultural irrigation
· Lotteries


· Narrow band of 12.5 KHz and 25 KHz
· VHF and UHF bands up to 950 MHz
· Free or licensed bands
· Direct ranges of up to 50 km
· Transparent to the protocol
· Port speed from 1,200 to 115,200 bps
· Store&forward repeater for Modbus RTU
· Point-point networks; point-multipoint and star up to 7 levels
· Integrated measurements of link quality (-dBm), power (mW), supply voltage (V), temperature (ºC), etc.
· Standards: ETS EN 300 113-2 ; STD EN 301 489-5 ; JOIN EN 60950