The FARELL INSTRUMENTS equipment and radio systems are designed to provide solutions to the information and communication needs of the agents responsible for the administration of hydraulic resources.

The difficulties posed by the increasing scarcity of hydraulic resources and their excessive use have caused a situation of extreme urgency in their management. Technology allows us to know and manage resources in a more efficient way, so that the difficulties of our times do not get worse. Thus, the administrations and corporations that are in charge of its management can act with greater knowledge and reduce uncertainty.

The water distribution systems designed and manufactured entirely in the company can supply a technological solution for any type of project, both in size and magnitude. The distance and volume of resources is usually a difficult barrier to overcome, but FARELL INSTRUMENTS has focused on developing telecommunications electronics to achieve this.

But not all hydraulic needs are large-scale and supply, rather much of the resources are managed locally, and where the solutions provided are more focused on being able to reach those points without autonomy for control equipment. Remote management and autonomous remote controls make it possible to capture and act on this multitude of locations locally in order to supply users.